• Los Angeles Drug Rehab Options

    There are multiple Los Angeles drug rehab options. But this actually made choosing a program all the more difficult. I’m so thankful we found LA Rehab Options. They helped us make the right choice.

    Terry, Santa Monica, California

    Los Angeles Drug Rehab Options

    When reviewing drug rehab options in Los Angeles, the process can seem very overwhelming. We’re here to help you understand more about detoxification, residential, and outpatient drug treatment. We will also help you learn how to choose from the many rehabilitation options that are available – in order to find the right fit. If you would like to speak with a counselor call 1 877 267 4673 now.

    Drug Detox Los Angeles

    There are two basic types of detoxification programs in Los Angeles:

    Very simply, medical detoxification is the type of program that utilizes medical services and prescription medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. Conversely, non medical detoxification is where medical services are not offered and prescription medications are not utilized. Medical detox works best for people that are physically dependent on alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs; non medical detox is for people who are not dependent.

    Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

    There are two basic types of alcohol rehabilitation programs in Los Angeles:

    In clinical programs, alcohol problems are viewed as a symptom of underlying psychiatric or psychological issues. In other words, these programs focus on the whole person and address all the symptoms and causes that lead a person to drink excessively. Conversely, behavioral programs (behavior modification programs) view alcoholism as the primary problem and leave the manifestations of the condition out of the treatment. They do not focus on psychiatric or psychological issues; they merely focus on the 12 Step programs for the treatment of the alcohol problems.

    Narconon Los Angeles

    Narconon is a Scientology based program. One should be very careful about enrolling in a Scientology based facility. The process is not for everyone and they don’t believe in the usage of medications for detoxification. Additional information about Los Angeles Narconon can be found here.

    Detox Los Angeles

    This really refers to the above referenced section, but it should be noted that detox centers usually treat a wide variety of dependency issues. However, some programs are more equipped then others for certain types of detox. For example, not all programs are capable of detoxing a person from Methadone. Also, not all programs offer Suboxone detoxification. Along the same lines – some detox programs are better for specific types of drugs then others. To learn about the Los Angeles detox options call 1 877 267 4673 or visit Detox Los Angeles.

    Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

    This is a concept that leans towards the general. So to really understand the addiction treatment options in Los Angeles you have to refer back to the concept of clinical vs. behavioral care. Essentially, there are only these two formats for the treatment (philosophically) of addiction. Whereas the clinical modality relies on evidence-based treatment protocols, the behaviorally-based settings are really all about the 12 Step program. It’s also important to note that going to a clinically-based addiction treatment center doesn’t mean that you can’t still go to 12 Step meetings – it just that the treatment focuses on elements that the 12 Step meetings don’t. Conversely, in the behavior-modification facilities, you will not have the option of attending to underlying psychiatric, psychological, or emotional issues. So if you think you need comprehensive treatment for co-occurring disorders, but still want a 12 Step format – go to a clinically-based addiction treatment program. However, if you don’t need dual diagnosis treatment, and you just want a 12 Step addiction treatment program – go to a behavior modification center.

    Promises Los Angeles

    This program was recently acquired by a corporation called Elements Behavioral Health. Elements specializes in mental and behavioral health acquisitions. They operate them for a while and then look to resell their holdings at a profit.

    Call to Discover the Los Angeles Drug Rehab Options

    If you would like to speak with a counselor about the many options for care in the greater Los Angeles area call 1 877 267 4673 now. With all the different levels of care and different approaches to drug and alcohol treatment it can also be very helpful to visit the Los Angeles Rehab Review. There you will find actual client and customer reviews about many of the drug rehab centers in Los Angeles County.

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