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    It can be very difficult to locate drug rehabs, alcoholism rehab centers, and dual diagnosis treatment facilities in Los Angeles, California, that accept Medi-Cal benefits. This section of the website is designed to simplify the process of finding rehabs and treatment resources the are contracted with Medi-Cal in the greater Los Angeles area. We will also provide helpful tips (The Do’s and Don’ts) for getting into a Medi-Cal drug treatment program quickly.

    How to Contact Medi-Cal

    Below you will find the contact information to reach Medi-Cal in order to begin the process of applying for drug and alcohol treatment in Los Angeles County.

    General Medi Cal Questions:

    • 1 800 541 5555

    Drug Medi-Cal Treatment Program Los Angeles:

    • 1 888 742 7900

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting into a Medi-Cal Program in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Medi-Cal funded, or county-funded drug rehab programs are often difficult to get into to. Here are some of best tricks for getting yourself in quickly.

    Taken courtesy of Los Angeles County Drug Rehab.

    DO these:

    1. Call on your own behalf.
    2. Make your appointment. If you miss it, you’re going to the back of the line.
    3. Tell the truth about your situation.
    4. Listen to the counselor you talk to.
    5. Follow instructions precisely.
    6. In general, be polite, no matter how you are treated.

    DON’T do these:

    1. Don’t call for someone else about enrollment. They won’t talk with you anyway, so don’t do it.
    2. Don’t act entitled.
    3. Don’t lie or pretend to be something you’re not.
    4. Don’t request a single bed. They don’t have any.
    5. Don’t ask what meds you will or won’t be given. Trust the process.
    6. Don’t ask how “long you have to stay.”
    7. In general, don’t act like a jerk.

    Medi-Cal rehab programs do a lot of filtering on the front end. There are so many people trying to get into a Medi-Cal or county-funded bed, that one of the key characteristics Medi-Cal and county funded programs look for is WILLINGNESS. They usually do not exhibit any degree of concern with whether or not you have a court case or a serious addiction or alcoholism problem. They believe that a person must be very, very willing in order for their type of rehabilitation process to help. So without a high level of willingness from the applicant, there is usually no way to get into a Medi-Cal or county funded program in the greater Los Angeles area.

    Again, we really stress that you do not call a Medi-Cal facility for someone else. The person who needs treatment should make the call themselves.

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